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Financial Education 


Child Model

MoneyBee is a fun hands-on financial literacy program for middle and high school students.

Every lesson plan is presented in an engaging way, allowing students to work in teams, practice their executive function skills, and complete a fun hands-on project every class from creating their budget, calculating, if they can afford a car, to creating a resume or an investment portfolio


Our hands-on financial literacy course covers the topic of money and and how to use it as a tool to build the life and future students desire.


We will learn what earning money and budgeting is, and what it means to separate needs from wants. We will cover saving, borrowing, and investing, and how understanding these basic topics will allow students to achieve their goals.

Adaptive curriculum

Adaptive curriculum and an individualized approach allow us to meet each student's individual learning needs.

Problem solving

 Students solve real-world problems with out-of-the-box thinking, collaboration with others and perseverance. 

Fun hands-on projects

No boring lectures, we have hands-on class every time. Our students learn by doing, adjusting and perfecting the outcome.


Since 2014, our company has been pursuing our passion to provide tools for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively, learn to problem solve and think logically while inspiring them to discover and innovate. 


We provide children with the opportunity to develop their financial independence, confidence and a range of Executive Function Skills and Social-Emotional Learning through our enrichment programs that are easy for parents, principals, and kids to participate in and enjoy.

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