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About US


Money is a valuable tool to help us achieve our dreams. Whether you dream about sports cars or curing world hunger crisis, money can help you get closer to your dream.


We are here to provide kids and teens with tools to have a good relationship with money, an invaluable lifelong skill that only gets stronger the more you practice. 


Our hands-on financial literacy course covers the topic of money and the role of the monetary system in the economy.


We will learn what earning money and budgeting is, and what it means to separate needs from wants. We will cover saving, borrowing, and investing, and how understanding these basic topics will allow students to achieve their goals. Every lesson plan is presented in an engaging way, allowing students to work in teams, practice their executive function skills, and complete a fun hands-on project every class (creating their budget, calculating if they can afford a car, creating a resume, creating a portfolio, etc.)  


We have been in the enrichment space since 2014. Our team saw a need for a Financial Literacy program to help students prepare for adult life and learn healthy money habits at an early age. So we decided to follow our mantra: "No boring lectures - learning should be fun!" and design a hands-on, project based Financial Literacy program that allows students to understand the basics of earning, saving, spending and investing money.

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